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When’s the Last Time You Checked Your Pantry?

Or, for that matter, the condiments and containers in your fridge. If you’re anything like me, you check the crisper drawers and larger items for freshness the night before the garbage run. The pantry and the refrigerator door shelves (where the condiments live) tend to get checked less, but I thought we were doing a pretty good job of keeping up with everything. Until, of course, I went to pack up the pantry and fridge goods to move from one house to another this past weekend. Between both of those, the sodas that had expired on the bar, and the[Read More...]

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MxMo LXXXVI: Southern Hospitality

MxMo LXXXVI: Southern Hospitality

I can’t swear it for sure, but it must’ve been more than just alliteration that made the powers that be decide upon Monday for their mixology blog-challenge. Some weeks, for sure, Monday is in severe need of a cocktail! This month’s Mixology Monday is hosted by Thiago of Bartending Notes and our theme is pineapple! I’m quite fond of pineapple in its many forms. Even more so now that my regular fruit consumption is limited by FODMAPs and pineapple is one of the few left standing, along with citruses and most berries. Pineapple juice makes a fabulous mixer for many[Read More...]

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The Other Side of Ambition

It was late one Sunday morning not too many weekends ago. I’d slept in after a long week and a busy Saturday and woke up not feeling so well. My head was stuffy, my throat was sore, it was the usual precursor to an out-of-season cold and I decided that everything on my to-do list was getting pushed. I camped out on the sofa and binge-watched season 2 of Orange is the New Black. Now, I still think this was the correct course of action to take: my body was telling me I needed rest. Next to planning downtime to[Read More...]

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This is maybe half of the library boxes...

The Bloom Is Off The Rose

No, we’re not suffering from buyer’s remorse or anything like that, but this past weekend hit the back-and-forth wall and decided not to bother. The novelty is gone after two months of traipsing up to the Dollhouse to sleep on an air mattress in the living room* and get a few hours of work done before packing our things back up (and hiding what’s staying from the contractor’s crew**) and driving back to Tallahassee to try and accomplish something with the rest of our Saturday when, really, we’re just too tired from the back and forth to get much of anything[Read More...]

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46, 47, 54 | Creative Prompts for Language Arts

46, 47, 54 | Creative Prompts for Language Arts

This post is part of our ongoing exploration of The 64 Arts. Knowledge is the acquisition of facts and wisdom is knowing what to do with them. Or something like that… Point being, it’s great to educate ourselves about something but until we put it into practice, we’re missing the best part! So here are some prompts for a bit of creative play about our foreign language, slang, and jargon topics: 1. If you’re anything like me, you find helping other people incredibly rewarding. Volunteer at your local library or literacy center. They might be in need of storytime readers[Read More...]

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Tuesday Reviews-Day: The Nightingale Girls Series

Tuesday Reviews-Day: The Nightingale Girls Series

In addition to the usual Nancy Drew and Little Women books (yes, there is more than one of the latter in the series) that Mom had on her bookshelf when I was growing up, she also had a handful of the Cherry Ames books–a series that followed the training and career of a a nurse and amateur sleuth. The books never made me want to be a nurse (both the sight of blood and needles gets me a bit shaky) but I loved the series nonetheless. So when I heard about the Nightingale Girls series, set in the 1930s at the famed Nightingale[Read More...]

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First try--good, but small

Convenience Comes at a Small Price

While we were finding amazing deals on dining room furniture, we also came across a couple of bread makers for $8 each. Now, making bread from scratch isn’t hard. It isn’t even all that time-consuming. Which is why I could never justify the $70 or more for one in the past, even though my gadget-loving self has wanted one for quite some time. Finding one for a handful of singles was just too much temptation without very much in the way of risk. I don’t make an inordinate amount of bread at home–not for lack of love, I just generally[Read More...]

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5 Favorite Projects for Gauche Alchemy

5 Favorite Projects for Gauche Alchemy

I’ve been part of the Gauche Alchemy team for a little over two years, now, and I’ve loved every minute working with these ladies. The store is now on hiatus for now but I get to share one more project on the blog.   With change on the horizon, I thought it would be nice to take a stroll down memory lane and pull out my 5 favorite Gauche Alchemy projects, in no particular order… The first project I actually started for Gauche Alchemy but it took a year before I actually got it finished and ready for posting. It highlights[Read More...]

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Thrifted Table and Chairs for $50 (the leaves are leaning against the wall near the window)

Filling in Some Gaps

In the face of simplify this, downsize that, and the small house trend, there’s a reason Todd and I were looking for a home with at least 2,000 square feet: we like our stuff. We’re both collectors of one sort or another. For Todd it’s games and books, for me it’s art supplies, shoes, and books. And the monkeys, but that’s a story for another day. So the fact that the Dollhouse clocks in at 2,902* sq ft was a definite check in the plus category. (For comparison’s sake, our current rental is 1,571 sq ft and we definitely feel the[Read More...]

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54 | Where Did You Say You Were From?

54 | Where Did You Say You Were From?

This post is part of our ongoing exploration of the 64 Arts. Our place of origin, where we spent our formative years, has a profound effect on us. Those lessons stick with us like glue, no matter where else we go and how much we learn out in the world. Or how much we try to forget. It’s how we learn to live. And it’s also how we learn to speak. Now, I spent a lot of time and concentrated effort to eliminate the Southern drawl from my voice. Sure, it still comes out now and again, and sometime I[Read More...]

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