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When Inspiration Strikes: Pork Cutlets Cristo

When Inspiration Strikes: Pork Cutlets Cristo

Todd and I take turns each week setting the menu, grocery shopping, and cooking supper. We’ve been doing it this way since we first moved in together and I am continually grateful to has a husband that enjoys cooking as much as I do. Sometimes my menus are very specific (especially if I’m working on a new cookbook review) while other times they can be pretty vague: just stating the primary protein, starch, and vegetable for the meal. Keeping a good variety of spices and condiments on hand means I can improvise at will without needing to make a special trip[Read More...]

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Our First Free-For-All Friday

Our First Free-For-All Friday

  With the wedding recaps complete (i.e. my Weddingbee posting-frequency commitment* fulfilled) I now have the opportunity to get back to a somewhat regular posting schedule and, right now, it looks something like this: Mondays: Nibbles or Sips post Tuesdays: Reviews Wednesdays: 64 Arts Thursday: Gingerbread Diaries Fridays: ??? Goodness knows I have plenty of random things to talk about but as far as a plan, Friday’s are open season. Some weeks might feature projects (or peeks at those in progress but not yet ready to reveal), illustrations or sketches, creative business plan stuff, or just (like today) a list of stuff[Read More...]

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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Even though we’ve closed on the house, we’re still a far cry from being done with Wells Fargo and their various departments. Still, I was surprised to get a call (then an email) from their “Retail Deficiency Management Team” (and doesn’t that sound ominous). Apparently there was a signature missing from one of the addendums (addenda? addendi?) and, you know, that’s entirely possible. Until, that is, I saw exactly which addendum it was. Y’all, I know for a fact that I signed this paper at the closing, and I know because I signed it twice! See, there’s this HUD/VA Addendum that has[Read More...]

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46 | To Be a Cunning Linguist

This post is part of our ongoing exploration of the 64 Arts.  Oh, come on, it had to be said! Learning a language is not just about training your tongue, or the translator in your brain, it’s also about training your ears to pick up on different sound combinations. That’s probably why a lot of language programs focus on the spoken bits than the written, at least at first. Deciding that now is as good a time as any to learn a (spoken) language, and not necessarily wanting to invest in a Berlitz or Rosetta Stone-level product, went poking around[Read More...]

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Tuesday Reviews-Day: Sous Chef by Michael Gibney

Tuesday Reviews-Day: Sous Chef by Michael Gibney

When Hell’s Kitchen first aired in 2005 I remember my mom complaining about Gordon Ramsay’s combative tone and frequent swearing. All I could respond with was, yeah, that sounds about right. I was about 5 years out of Culinary School and no longer working in hospitality at all, but what I saw on the episodes I’d seen reminded me a lot of Gil, the executive chef when I started at the Plantation, who had a favorite phrase of resigned disappointment (F— me sideways with a brick) and a hatred of being called Sir (which, in the South, takes a lot[Read More...]

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Don’t Skimp on the Spices

Planning a menu on a restricted diet–be it the Low-FODMAP protocol or otherwise–means a lot of the same. With broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, various beans and peas all on the trigger list that leaves a lot of repetition of spinach, green beans, and carrots (not to mention the ubiquitous green salad) as side dishes. Of course there are more options available seasonally, but these are our core components. Even the proteins can get a bit repetitive without a helping hand from the spice rack. Whether you’re following a recipe or experimenting on your own, a careful perusal of the spice blends[Read More...]

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46 | Ix-Nay on the Anguage-Lay

This post is part of our ongoing exploration of the 64 Arts. In eighth grade we had to choose our foreign language for high school. Since, at that time, I still thought I was heading towards law school, Latin was the obvious way to go. Even though I gave up the law school idea (it was never what I really wanted, it just seemed practical–practical doesn’t equal fulfilling, right?) I stuck with Latin all four years. Sure, I was never truly great at the grammar (though bits of it did make the English grammar rules make more sense) and I[Read More...]

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Off on Our Next Adventure!

Off on Our Next Adventure!

Well, Hive, the time has come for Roadie and I to offer one last wave from the rear view mirror as we head down the road to see what’s around the next bend in the road! Just over a year ago (I don’t think I will ever forget, especially considering I got a speeding ticket the next morning when I was paying more attention to mentally composing my intro post than my speedometer–oops!) I was announced as Miss Road Trip and just under 6 months ago, Roadie and I were married in our intimate outdoor ceremony at Honey Lake Plantation. It has[Read More...]

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Wine but no wine glasses--obviously I didn't think that one through 100%

“Roughing It” on Gingerbread Lane

It started out as a joke, that we were going to “camp out” at the new house. Turned out to be a more accurate description that we expected. After all, we had lights, water, Internet access, and all that important stuff, right? Mostly. The first Friday night we spent up there (2 weeks ago), I dragged a car-load of gear with me: an air mattress, compressor, linens, pillows, a folding table and chairs, bath towels, and even the shower curtain from the hall bath in our current rental. If I could have reached it, I would have brought my camping[Read More...]

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Low-FODMAP Spiced Carrot Breakfast Buns

Daring Bakers: Easter Breads

The April Daring Baker’s Challenge was hosted by Wolf of Wolf’s Den . She challenged us to Spring into our kitchens and make Easter breads reflecting cultures around the world. We actually don’t do a whole lot for Easter–in fact, this year we did absolutely nothing as family members had other engagements and we’d just spent the previous day banging around our new house with no running water… More on that tomorrow! But way back when I’ve been known to make fun and flavorful baked goods at Easter time because why not? I’ve even made the somewhat traditional hot cross buns, though[Read More...]

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