The Finished Trivet

the Finished Trivet

It’s always fun to finish a project, right? Well, this is no exception.

I’ll be honest: I’m great at starting things. I’d even go so far as to say I’m great at coming up with ideas and plans and researching hows and whys and all. But finishing things? Sometimes it’s tough going not to get distracted by the next fun idea. It’s like projectile-ADD… or something like that. Something that sounds less gross?

And when I decided to go in a different direction with the heart trivet and turn it into a mixed media piece? Yeah, it was almost too easy to set the normal trivet aside and get absorbed in the offshoot.

But I had a little talk with myself. It went something like, “hey, wait, before you take off those gloves and let the grout dry, it looks like you’ve got enough to do the square one, too, and that way you only have to deal with the mess once, right? Doncha think we might?”

Apparently my creative side can be swayed by reason and logic. On occasion. But let’s not make a habit of it.

At any rate, I did get it finished.

Trivet In Progress
the Finished Trivet

What a difference some grout makes, huh? I was really shocked how much the grout toned-down the brightness of the tiles. It probably has something to do with the light not being able to bounce around them as much (what will all but one side of each blocked in).

In the future I need to work on my edges: they sort of taper in some areas and that’s not always a desired feature. Still, it was a fun learning experience, a little messy and ultimately turned into a finished, functional item.

And that’s even better than perfect.

4 thoughts on “The Finished Trivet

  1. Maggi says:

    I could have totally written that first paragraph, that is so me! lol Love your finished result! The grout wipes off the tiles, right? I always wondered about getting grout on the part you want to show through and I thought I read that it wipes off the tile or whatever. Could be totally wrong there though. LOL

    Awesome job!

  2. Jen says:

    Thanks for visiting my site! The trivet looks great!! It’s always great to be able to finish a project. I have a problem with starting them hehe.

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